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ThisFish offers a seafood traceability software that improves business efficiency and increases trust and transparency in seafood supply chains.

Our mission is to improve the social, environmental, and financial sustainability of the seafood industry. We envision a future where all seafood is traceable creating transparent, efficient supply chains and trusted products. ThisFish technology empower consumers to make more informed choices while rewarding producers for transparency, quality and sustainability.

The problem

Studies show that a third of seafood is mislabeled and a quarter of seafood imports are from "pirate" fishing, resulting in low trust in seafood supply chains and new stricter traceability regulations. Yet most seafood business still manage their data on paper, causing numerous problems like human errors, no real-time analytics, slow reporting, inefficient transcription, etc. Businesses are drowning in painful paperwork.

The solution

At ThisFish Inc., we developed new simple, user-friendly software called Tally that enables seafood processors to automate and digitize all their production, traceability and quality control data on the factory floor using touch-screen and IoT devices. Tally makes data collection easy for workers, saves managers time with reporting and provides executives with accurate, actionable data to improve their bottom line. Tally helps seafood companies comply with new traceability regulations while making them more efficient. 

The Value Proposition

The Tally software provides value in three core areas.

  • COST: Tally can cut labour costs for data collection and save time related to doing paperwork and generating compliance reports. 

  • CONTROL: Tally enables real-time data collection, reporting and monitoring allowing companies to strengthen production and quality control.

  • COMPLIANCE: Tally improves compliance demanded by large international customers such as food brands and retailers by enabling full electronic traceability inside the factory from raw material receiving to final product shipping.

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