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Updated: Jan 10, 2019

The Seafood IQ team is developing the worlds’ only Seafood data Industrial IoT, Blockchain and artificial intelligence platform to create a new level of trust based on unified digital identities, real-time temperature monitoring and crypto-graphed background information of every box of fish that is manufactured, transported and then sold into the marketplace. 

The founder of Seafood IQ, Stefan Jones, told us more about it.

The Seafood supply chain is broken. Seafood fraud and illegal fisheries are now a serious global problem and we are seeing up to 50% of our seafood thrown away or wasted.

In most parts of the world, there is a huge information gap between the seafood source and last mile buyers that results in poor seafood supply chains that still suffer from lack of authenticity, integrity and sustainable utilization of valuable fish that is mishandled or wasted in every step of the chain.

Today's paper driven seafood supply chain: The supply chain today is driven by paperwork and documents in an isolated environment which results in a loss of money and information between the seafood source and the last mile buyers.

The industry has a long history of these unsustainable practices which today have raised concerns from consumers, regulatory agencies, and non-government organizations. Today, we are interconnected with smart devices and information technologies that can provide us with trusted information as never before, but when it comes to the fish we buy it's a totally different story.

IIoT supply chain transformation: We are solving the problem by connecting fishermen, farmers, processors, distributors, retailers, and restaurants through a shared network of seafood sensor data, through a dynamic digital bridge that generates transparency, trust, and supply chain efficiency.

Seafood IQ is solving the problem by connecting supply chain members through a collaborative network of seafood data, which forms a digital bridge that generates transparency, trust, and supply chain efficiency. Our vision is to be a leading fish industry suite of smart packaging applications, IoT solutions, and traceability services.

A new collaborative network: With sensor technology, data science and the Internet of Things, Seafood IQ creates the trust for seafood – a new collaborative network that maps the fish journey to answer where it comes from, how it has been handled and thereby offering stakeholders to create a compelling story behind their products and services

By combining proprietary hardware technologies, data science, and Artificial Intelligence into a single system, we create the supply chain network of the future which will bring down the walls that stand between the stakeholders and connect them in ways that we have not seen before (here is a good explanation video).

It's a great opportunity as it will enable stakeholders to reduce loss, increase efficiency and make better decisions based on real-time information that they can even manage from their own mobile device.

Seafood IQ is a pre-revenue, award-winning Seafood tech venture that was founded in July 2015. We have formed a partnership with the largest Seafood companies in Iceland and have been accepted into a grant program from the European Commission and a couple of innovation awards in Iceland.

We are seafood veterans and P.h.D level technologists that believe, by turning the complex into simple with smart technologies we can create the tools needed for the industry to build trust and a compelling story behind their products.

On a single platform, we want to provide a powerful toolbox that will help the industry to meet the ever-increasing demands for fresher, safer and responsibly sourced seafood.

Seafood IQ is the first and only serialized Seafood data platform that connects people, product, and companies where every supply chain participant can partner up, communicate and build together a Sustainable Seafood Supply.

Our goal is to empower seafood companies to harvest responsibly within the global seafood supply chain. With monthly and annual analytics reports about carbon footprints and supply chain benchmarks, we want to give our customers the opportunity to improve and shape a positive change towards food waste, sustainability, and food safety.

Our vision is to combine our IoT sensors and anti-tampering Fish ID with a Blockchain protocol to create a unified Identification and background information for products at the case level. It's a unique approach that will advance the food traceability process and bring quality assurance for each box delivered.

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