Introducing - Sea Data Center

Where information increases value! is a comprehensive seafood market information platform which brings together up to the minute pricing and supply intelligence mined from a wide array of sources.

Seafood data comes in a variety of different formats - making it difficult to sift through and extract market information that matters. This process is both difficult and time consuming for companies, posing a specific challenge as companies need to get an overview of the latest market trends for decision making, price-setting, and competitive analysis.

Now seafood companies can access a 360-degree view of the latest intelligence on raw material supply and prices, seafood trade trends, and consumer prices. A broad spectrum of landing, trade, and consumer pricing data helps you to see and understand the real value of your products in the context of global market conditions. identify new product and market opportunities through sales channel analysis.

At a glance

• Product and species-specific trade trackers.

• Daily commodity, auction, and retail price intelligence.

• Raw material prices, trade trends, and consumer prices.

• Global focus, providing comprehensive North Atlantic seafood market analysis and intelligence.

Key benefits

• Helps streamline risk management and operational decision-making processes.

• Provides critical big picture insight for optimizing product pricing, product mix and where to sell your products.

• Access the most comprehensive source of market information available in at-a-glance and easy to understand formats.

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