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Nicole Baker is the founder of Net Your Problem and owes her interest in the topic of recycling old fishing gear to her time as a North Pacific Groundfish Observer (with Saltwater Inc in Alaska) as well as Parley for the Oceans who produced a sneaker with Adidas out of confiscated illegal fishing nets. 

Nicole Baker, the founder of Net Your Problem that provides a sustainable way to recycle old fishing gear.

That was Nicole's ah-ha moment (Sept 2015) that fishing gear, like a water bottle or milk jug, is made out of plastic and can be recycled. Since early 2017, Nicole has been working to try to recycle old fishing gear in Alaska and beyond. 

Nicole founded Net Your Problem in January of 2018 to provide a sustainable way for her to continue her work recycling old fishing gear. Her business offers a recycling disposal solution to fishermen that they pay for, so the work does not have to rely on grant funding and inevitable financial disruptions.  

Today the nets are shipped to Europe where they are turned into beads and eventually polyethylene/polypropylene products.

Nicole has traveled to 2 ports in Alaska so far (Dutch Harbor and Kodiak) to introduce gear recycling to the fishermen there, and has plans for additional locations in Alaska as well as potentially on the East coast of the US. Once Nicole returns to Seattle (where she is based) she manages the logistics and paperwork of net collection, loading containers and shipping remotely. Nicole's main recycling partners are all based in Europe.

Net Your Problem's future is to continue to expand and develop end of life gear recycling programs around Alaska and in the lower 48. 

"I am continuously receiving requests from individuals in different communities for assistance in resurrecting or initiating similar programs. It is not possible for the partners and logistics of the program to be the same in all communities, so development takes time, creativity and the involvement of willing partners - which I hope there will continue to be as the PNW and Alaska works towards responsible gear disposal in fisheries all across the region." Nicole says.

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Nicole in her trip to Alaska, standing on a pile of nets to be recycled.

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