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About the PNWOC

The Ocean Cluster effect

Through stronger networks and cooperation new opportunities for businesses and innovation arise. This is the cluster effect.


The role of the Pacific Northwest Ocean Cluster is to support ocean health and sustainability by connecting people and companies within and outside the ocean related industry and encouraging and supporting innovation. Our initial focus is better seafood utilization, increased quality and maximised value.

The Pacific Northwest Ocean Cluster facilitates networking opportunities for ocean related industries in the Pacific Northwest and worldwide, emphasising 100% Fish utilization.


A well developed Cluster spurs three important activities:
Increased productivity

through specialized inputs, access to information, synergies, and access to public goods

​More rapid innovation

through cooperative research and competitive striving

New business formation

filling in niches and expanding the boundaries of the cluster map


Our team regularly speaks at industry events globally. We provide an original, motivational and engaging story to audiences interested in emerging marine trends, harnessing networks to create value, new seafood utilization methods, marine biotech and the future of seafood.


We are building a powerful cooperation platform with select member businesses. Membership provides businesses with opportunities to interact closely with the industry, partake in events, global projects, new projects and spin-off business development.


Building on deep industry insights, practical experience, knowledge of emerging trends, threats and opportunities our expert team delivers high quality analysis, findings and recommendations to marine businesses, startups and institutions.


Our business experts and economists use a business-oriented approach to gathering data, harnessing its relevance and using it to create insights and guidance. Our research has focused on seafood, byproduct utilization, marine biotech and other marine industries.



New and noteworthy



The Pacific Northwest Ocean Cluster (PNWOC) was established as a Washington state Nonprofit 501(c)(3) in November 2018.


The year 2019 will be used to create strong connections with industry, educational institutions, entrepreneurs, startups and other initiatives at the area and identify what gaps need to be bridged to create a more efficient, sustainable industry with 100% utilization of seafood at the forefront.


We appreciate your help to work towards our goal of supporting ocean health through utilization - less fish to feed more people.


The PNWOC is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code;

EIN 83-2444712.


© 2018 by Pacific Northwest Ocean Cluster.

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